“You cannot inherit culture. Ancestral traditions disappear rapidly unless each generation re-conquers them for itself.”

– Zoltán Kodály

Bokréta was founded in 1967 by Montreal’s Hungarian community. Its main goals were to preserve Hungarian Folkdance and present it at community events. Since then Bokréta has also earned its place in Montreal’s multicultural dance scene through its unique and exciting staging of folkdance.

The Ensemble’s artistic intent is to aesthetically present authentic village folkdance from Hungary and the Carpathian Basin. Going back to the source to find fresh and exciting perspectives, the Ensemble’s artistic directors research dances, music and costumes, and regularly invite top choreographers from Hungary to work with the Ensemble.

In addition to the adult and children’s performing groups, Bokréta also offers Hungarian Folkdance classes open to anyone interested in learning this style of dancing. Bokréta cooperates in organizing the Montreal Winter Workshop, which draws participants from all over North America.

Join us at one of our performances, or participate in our workshops, and discover the energy of Hungarian folkdance for yourself!