Saturday night show + tanchaz


Evening in Gyimes
Saturday, February 15, 7:30pm
Kids tanchaz from 7pm

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*  Tanchaz + show are included if you already registered to the workshop

Evening in Gyimes

Continuing the tradition of the Montreal Winter Workshop, Saturday evening at the camp will be a traditional evening.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to see and hear Eszter Tanko, singer, Master of Folk Art from Gyimesfelsolok, and the world’s best interpreters of Gyimes music and dance from Hungary and Transylvania

  • Dezö Fitös and Enikö Kocsis (dance)
  • Szabolcs Molnár (violon)
  • Orsolya András (gardon, singing)
  • Attila Mihó  (violon)
  • and of course, Eszter Tanko

Snacks will be offered and drinks will be available for purchase.

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Adult, Kids under 13

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