February 15th – 18th 2019 : Dances from Vajdaszentivány

The dances of Vajdaszentivány are a favourite of the táncház movement. Although geographically in Mezöség, Vajdaszentivány’s dances and music contain many elements found in the Székelyföld region, making them so unique and beautiful.

Our guests

Enikő Kocsis and Dezső Fitos are among Hungary’s most sought-after dance instructors. They have taught at folkdance camps throughout Europe and America. They were soloists and later artistic assistants with the Budapest and the Honvéd Professional Folk Ensembles. They are the artistic directors of the Szentendre as well as the Lippentő dance ensembles. They have conducted field research extensively throughout Transylvania and Hungary, and thanks to their precise and detailed teaching, every dancer, either novice or experienced, will enjoy the beauty and complexity of the dances from Vajdaszentivány.


Levente (Violin) and Albert Fazakas (Cimbalon) are native of Transylvania and are members of the the Heveder Ensemble, the Haromszék Professional Folk-Dance Ensemble’s official band. Levente and Albi have a degree in music education from Brașov’s Transylvania University. Albi also holds a Masters degree in Cimbalom Performance from the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest and was invited guest cimbalom player at the Brașov Philharmonic Orchestra. Favourites of the North-American Táncház community, the Fazakas brothers have toured extensively in the USA with the Heveder Ensemble. We are delighted to welcome Levente back to the Montreal Winter Workshop, and for the first time, his brother Albi!