February 14th – 17th 2020 : Dances from Gyimes

The Montreal Winter Workshop’s mission in the last few years has been to bring village musicians to immerse the camp into the magical place these traditions come from. We’ve had the opportunity to learn from and dance to the amazing music of the Zerkula Zenekar (Gyimes), Kiscsipás (Kalotaszeg), three members of the Szászcsávás band, and Kodoba Florin (Palatka) since 2012!

This year we have the incredible honour to host Eszter Tanko, amazing singer from Gyimesfelsőlok to the 2020 Montreal Winter Workshop. With this opportunity we have added singing lessons to the camp schedule.

Spend 3 days with us, and in addition to the beautiful dances and music, immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful archaic songs of Gyimes!


Our guests

Tankó Jánosné Gábor Eszter is a world-renowned singer from Gyimesfelsőlok. In 2012 she was awarded the prestigious Népművészet Mestere Dîj [Master of Folkart Award] for her work in preserving and transmitting the folk songs of her region. We are ecstatic to welcome Esztineni to Montreal and to offer a singing option for the camp this year. For the first time in Amercia, come and enjoy her beautiful songs in this not to be missed opportunity to meet her in person.

Enikő Kocsis and Dezső Fitos are among Hungary’s most sought-after dance instructors. They have taught at folkdance camps throughout Europe and America. They were soloists and later artistic assistants with the Budapest and the Honvéd Professional Folk Ensembles. They are the artistic directors of the Szentendre as well as the Lippentő dance ensembles. They have conducted field research extensively throughout Transylvania and Hungary, and thanks to their precise and detailed teaching, every dancer, either novice or experienced, will enjoy the beauty and complexity of the dances from Gyimes.

Szabolcs Molnár, violnist with the Heveder Band of Transylvania, is an expert in the music of the Gyimes region. He’s active in preserving the folk-traditions in Gyimes, and is instrumental in creating the Borospataka Skanzen Guesthouse. We are excited to welcome him for the first time to the Montreal Winter Workshop!

Orsolya András is an award-winning folk singer and musician. She’s a graduate of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music with a degree in folk singing and folk music theory. She is currently teaching at the prestigious Béla Bartók Music School. Contributor to numerous CDs, Orsolya released her first solo album Magyarország szélén … in 2019. Born in Csikszereda near Gyimes, Orsolya has kept close contact with traditional Gyimes singers and musicians since childhood.

Attila Mihó (violin) is a distinguished folk musician, winner of the Young Master of Folk Art award. He graduated from the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in 2016 with a degree in folk violin, and is currently a PhD student and teacher at the University. Since 2017 he has been the lead violinist of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble. Attila has been working on the violin styling of Gyimes for ten years, and is writing his doctoral thesis on the subject. Gyimes folk music is his personal favourite and he has been collecting and learning from the old generation of Gyimes violinists. We are glad to welcome Attila and Orsolya for the first time in Montréal!